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Baby Blanket Pattern

This is a suggested pattern. You may use your own pattern.

This lacy blanket makes a lovely gift for an infant.
  • Yarn: 7 ounces baby yarn
  • Needles: one pair of No. 10 1/2
  • Cast on 109 sts. Knit 14 rows (7 ridges) in garter stitch. Now, start lace pattern-- k9, * yo, k2 tog. Repeat from * ending k 8. Repeat this row until piece measures 34 inches. Knit 14 rows (7 ridges), then bind off.
  • Block blanket to measure about 30 by 36 inches.
When done, please take items to the Volunteer Services Office at Mid Coast Hospital, 123 Medical Center Dr., Brunswick. Many thanks!

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