Become a Junior Volunteer

Knitting Resources for Mid Coast–Parkview Health Volunteers

Mid Coast Hospital welcomes lovely handmade donations from community members who knit or sew. These beautiful, handmade pieces truly make a difference in the lives of babies and other patients.

In this fast-paced world, it is a wonderful throwback for a new mother to be able to take home a cap or blanket for her newborn, knitted or crocheted with great love and care for the baby.

Mid Coast Hospital Volunteer Services provides patterns for three possible garments:
If you have a favorite pattern for a baby blanket, please feel free to use your own pattern when making a piece for Mid Coast Hospital’s maternity patients. Favorite baby colors are pink and blue.

In addition, baby quilts made of fabric are also appreciated. These should measure 36 inches by 36 inches square, and they should be crafted in bright colors.

Lap robes for older patients may be in any color except red, since a red blanket denotes that a patient is at danger of falling, which may not be the case at all.

All yarn and fabric must be machine washable. When finished, please take your donations to the Volunteer Services office at Mid Coast Hospital located to the left of the gift shop. Please include your name and address so we may add you to our volunteer list.

Thank you for the generosity of your time and energy!

Here are suggestions for knitting patterns: