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Staff Spotlight

Diana Vradii

Diana Vradii, MD

Physician, Mid Coast Medical Group-Rheumatology
Diana Vradii
With a commitment to connect with every patient on a personal level, Diana Vradii, MD, excels in patient care. Her first priority is to build a relationship with each individual, developing a trust that is crucial to proper diagnosis and treatment of the complex, systemic diseases that she is trained to handle.

As the founding provider of Mid Coast Medical Group-Rheumatology, Diana began the practice excited about the opportunity to offer a service so much in need to the residents of Midcoast Maine. She set off with a goal of building a practice where all patients feel comfortable and welcome.

Determined to practice medicine in the United States, she and her husband moved to Boston from Moldova, a small Eastern European country once part of Romania. Once settled in New England, she, along with her husband and two children, became enamored with the seasons and outdoor activities that coincide. Whether skiing in the winter or kayaking in the summer, she is quite content with the landscape that Maine offers.

On top of her busy Rheumatology practice and mothering responsibilities, Diana still finds the time to nurture her own creative spirit, building sculptures and clocks out of natural woods and organic materials. She looks forward to international visits with her parents and in-laws and the opportunities to speak her native language of Romanian.