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Staff Spotlight

Amy Martin

Amy Martin, RN, BSN

Nurse, Med-Surg, Mid Coast Hospital
Amy Martin
While at Mid Coast for almost 20 years, Amy Martin, RN, BSN has learned a thing or two about family. Not only did she meet her husband and have three children during this time, but she has also discovered a special closeness with her colleagues and patients at Mid Coast that have become yet another family to her.

Amy has always loved working with people and has come to enjoy the nursing profession, always seeking certifications and specialties that will expand her capacity to take care of others. As a Med-Surg nurse, she particularly enjoys the intimacy involved with caring for cancer patients as they undergo chemotherapy treatment. She values this opportunity to really get to know patients and their families, providing comfort and support.

Whether driving her children to and from sporting events or delivering compassionate care at a hospital bedside, caring for others is at the heart of everything she does. She has even been known to press pause on her own family vacation to assist with another family’s medical incident—a time that required her expertise in using an AED to save an individual’s life.

As part of her role at Mid Coast, Amy trains healthcare professionals and community members on how to use AED machines. She also volunteers her time teaching and as a nurse. She feels that it’s her way of giving back to the community.