Summer 2021
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Partnering to Advance Nursing Education

Furthering Nursing Education at Mid Coast Hospital

Mid Coast Hospital offers undergraduate nursing students a great opportunity to experience their field firsthand before they finish school. There are two types of placements that occur: group placements and the senior practicum.

Group placements range from 3-6 students who arrive at Mid Coast Hospital and work with a clinical instructor from the school, with supplemental help from nursing staff. Rotations range from 8 to 10 hours, and students gain experience in the Medical-Surgical, Maternity, and Behavioral Health departments. This year, students also assisted with administering vaccinations at the Mid Coast Hospital COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic.

In 2020, Mid Coast Hospital hosted 21 groups. This year, there was an increase in rotations, with 113 students across 28 groups. The students are from The University of Southern Maine, Southern Maine Community College, The University of New England, and for the first time, Central Maine Community College Nursing School.

The senior practicum involves one student being paired with a registered nurse preceptor at Mid Coast Hospital. These rotations can range from 120-240 hours, depending on the requirements of the school, and serve as the final rotation prior to graduation.

In 2021, Mid Coast Hospital is hosting 27 senior practicum students from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Southern Maine Community College, University of Maine at Fort Kent, The University of New England, and The University of Southern Maine. They are paired with nurses in the Medical-Surgical, Ambulatory Care, Post-Anesthesia Care, Maternity, Behavioral Health, and Intensive Care units, as well as the Emergency Department, Mid Coast Senior Health, and CHANS Home Health & Hospice.

While time-intensive, these immersive experiences at Mid Coast Hospital prepare nursing students for their roles in the field once they graduate. These partnerships with local nursing schools are invaluable to building a strong nursing workforce for the future.

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