Spring 2014
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Paramedic Interceptor Service Expands Harpswell Coverage

In situations involving cardiac and stroke care, time lost in accessing proper treatment can have significant impact on the patient’s ability to heal and recover.

Since 1997, Mid Coast Hospital’s Paramedic Interceptor Program has been working to improve outcomes by providing additional paramedic support to community and volunteer rescue teams throughout the Midcoast.

Now operating two licensed emergency vehicles (MC1 and MC2), the program’s paramedic staff is trained to create virtual emergency rooms at the scene of a medical emergency. The program provides the Town of Harpswell with a centrally located, dedicated interceptor vehicle staffed with a paramedic.

In 2013, the service proved to have a significant impact on providing emergency services to the town. Highlights include:

  • The Town of Harpswell received 381 emergency medical calls in 2013.
  • The Mid Coast Paramedic covering the Town of Harpswell responded to 180 calls during the dedicated service hours.
  • The Mid Coast Paramedic responded to an additional 95 calls, outside of the dedicated service hours, for advanced life support services.
  • 24% of calls responded to were for respiratory, cardiac, or stroke incidents.
  • Average response time for emergency services has decreased by 11 minutes since the dedicated service began.
The program has been such a success that in late 2013 it was decided that the town will increase the dedicated coverage provided by Mid Coast Hospital, and it is anticipated that the services will continue through 2014.

Collaborating with the Town of Harpswell is evidence of Mid Coast’s dedication to increasing access to high quality healthcare and improving the health of all community members.
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