Summer 2017
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New & Noteworthy

Brunswick’s Coffin Elementary School recently unveiled a mural in the school cafeteria depicting scenes of healthy and active living. The four-panel mural was funded by Mid Coast Hospital’s 5-2-1-0 Let’s Go! program, a childhood obesity prevention

Mid Coast Hospital’s Addiction Resource Center was recognized by MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence’s Breathe Easy initiative for efforts to prohibit smoke and tobacco use on campus and address client tobacco use.

Mid Coast Hospital held a free community skin cancer screening Saturday, May 13. Of 129 individuals screened, 87 had positive findings and were educated on continued monitoring. The screening
identified 30 who were referred to follow-up care and potentially life-threatening cancers in 8% of participants.

This year, Mid Coast Hospital celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its Paramedic Interceptor Service. Founded in 1997, the service provides additional paramedic support to local EMS, speeding access to advanced life support measures and improving access to emergency care.



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