Spring 2014
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Mid Coast Hospital Adopts Bar Code Medication System

In an effort to adopt best practices, Mid Coast Hospital began using MedVerify at the start of 2014. The Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) system is being used in Behavioral Health, ICU, Maternity, and Medical-Surgical units.

BCMA is a barcode system that requires a nurse to scan the patient’s wristband and the medication prior to dispensing. The system verifies with the patient’s electronic health record that the medication, dose, and timing are correct.

Endorsed by the Joint Commission, BCMA helps to prevent medical errors in healthcare settings and improves the quality and safety of medication administration. The overall goals of BCMA are to improve accuracy, prevent errors, and generate online records of medication

The new system is well supported by nursing staff that are thankful for technology advancements, which will improve quality of care and patient safety.
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