Autumn 2017
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Hope and Healing for Our Youngest Community Members

When an infant is born prematurely, the subsequent weeks and months can be exhausting and scary for parents. Countless days and nights are spent watching over the child, who may be inside an incubator and connected to a monitor, oxygen, IV, and feeding pumps. Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, until one day the family is told that their infant is finally strong enough to go home for the first time.

It is during this critical time, when a premature infant and family leave the comfort and safety of the hospital and transition to what may be the frightening and unknown world of home life, that the CHANS Home Health & Hospice pediatric team can be helpful.

Maggie Jansson, RN, MPH, CLC, CHANS pediatric nurse, arrives at the home soon after the family does. After spending 24-hours-a-day in a hospital with a full medical team just a few feet away, it is often a relief for the family to have a nurse at their home.

She provides reassurance that the child will be monitored on a regular basis by a skilled nurse who provides medication management and support, checks the infant’s weight and growth, assesses feedings, offers lactation support, and provides ongoing infant care education.

The CHANS pediatric therapy team, Peggy Packett, PT, and Ruth Stevenson, OT, arrive at the home within 48 hours of hospital discharge. They quickly begin the important work of monitoring the premature infant for developmental delays and provide ongoing in-home support to parents on how to best promote a premature infant’s gross and fine motor skills.

Other members of the pediatric team are Avanel Payne, RN and Meredith Pinkham, MSW. All clinicians work together to ensure that these medically fragile infants and children receive the best possible care in their homes.

Families that have worked with CHANS Home Health & Hospice during their infant’s first year at home have reported that being surrounded by this capable and experienced team of pediatric nurses and therapists is invaluable.

With regular nursing interventions and care, immune-compromised premature infants are able to grow and thrive at home and are often able to avoid re-hospitalizations for community-acquired infections.

These infants, who are also at a much higher risk of developmental delays due to their prematurity, receive intensive at-home therapy interventions and services that often help many of them catch up to their peers by the age of two.

In addition to premature infants, CHANS Home Health & Hospice can support children affected by cancer, congenital heart and lung disease, neuromuscular disorders, traumatic brain injuries, postoperative complications, severe burns, wounds, ostomies, eating disorders, and many other chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Learn more about CHANS Home Health & Hospice services at

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60 Baribeau Drive
Brunswick, Maine 04011
(207) 729-6782
More Info
60 Baribeau Drive
Brunswick, Maine 04011
(207) 729-6782
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