Spring 2014
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Helping Cancer Survivors Embrace Life

Mid Coast Hospital and Maine Center for Cancer Medicine launched a new educational series focused on improving the lifestyles of cancer survivors. Open to anyone in the community touched by cancer, Embracing Life after Cancer is an informative series, covering a range of topics that address the unique needs of cancer survivors as they move beyond diagnosis and treatment.

The spring 2014 calendar began on March 20, and includes seven sessions offered by area experts discussing the physical, emotional, and nutritional health of cancer survivors. Each session addresses questions and concerns, while providing information and resources to support the ongoing health of patients and their families. A full schedule is available here

Due to preventative measures and advanced treatments, cancer survival rates will continue to rise. The Embracing Life after Cancer series plays an integral part in offering comfort and guidance to so many Midcoast families whose lives have been impacted by cancer.
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