Summer 2013
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Dear Friends: We Remain Strong

It is no secret that times are tough in the world of healthcare. The ongoing debates and budget deliberations seem to dominate news sources both locally and nationally. While economic challenges are still a threat, here at Mid Coast we remain hopeful and passionate about our vision for improved healthcare and lower costs for our community.

Regardless of the inevitable changes that we face, we have already begun to lay the groundwork for a stronger local healthcare system. We have adopted a culture centered in the needs of our patients to ensure we are efficiently and effectively addressing their health concerns; we have reached out to local businesses to establish onsite health improvement programs; and we continue to offer community screenings and events that focus on health prevention and education as a means of preventing health concerns from becoming long-term, chronic conditions.  

Every day, we work hard to improve the health of our community. Guided by our vision for the future of healthcare and ongoing support from our patients, staff, donors, and the community, we remain strong. 
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