Spring 2018
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Dear Friends

Continuously Improving

Lois N. Skillings
President & CEO

As an organization committed to improving the quality of care that we deliver, Mid Coast–Parkview Health is continuously looking for ways to improve everything we do.

Whether investing in state-of-the-art MRI technology or taking the time to listen and understand patient needs, both are equally important to delivering high quality, patient-centered care.

With the healthcare landscape growing in complexity both nationally and locally, we remain focused on our mission to care for our community. We have created a wide breadth of integrated healthcare services for all stages of life, and we continue to bring new programs and services that improve health through prevention and chronic disease management. We believe this is the key to reducing overall costs of healthcare in our region.

As we evolve with the changing healthcare environment, we are extremely grateful for our dedicated physicians, nurses, staff, and volunteers, and for the unwavering support of our community.

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