Autumn 2017
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Dear Friends

A Framework of Support

Lois N. Skillings
President & CEO

In addition to delivering high-quality, compassionate care to our patients and families everyday, Mid Coast–Parkview Health goes above and beyond to offer support where it is needed.

From expanding services lines to better care for our aging population to developing robust programs that offer a holistic approach to healing, we continuously look for ways to improve the care that we deliver.

Aside from within the walls of our healthcare facilities, this framework of support can be found in the homes of premature infants and those at end-of-life.

As a healthcare organization dedicated to the health of this region, the healthcare staff at Mid Coast–Parkview Health—physicians, nurses, advanced practice professionals, therapists, chaplains, and so many more—are focused on caring for our patients, families, and the community as a whole.

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