Summer 2017
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Dear Friends

Exciting Times!

Lois N. Skillings
President & CEO

As we enjoy summer in Maine, and the national focus on healthcare mounts, it is a good time to reflect on how things are going close to home.

At Mid Coast–Parkview Health, we are fortunate to have many exciting things to be thankful for. From the opening of a new primary care practice at our Parkview Campus to national recognition for quality and excellence, we continue to celebrate successes that reinforce our mission of caring for the health of our community.

No matter what happens nationally, locally we are committed to continuously improving care and services while doing all that we can to reduce costs so that healthcare can be affordable and accessible to all.

We are dedicated to understanding the true needs of our patients, strategically thinking about innovative solutions that involve volunteers, partnerships, and relationships to enhance our services without adding cost.

Everyday we are so grateful for the opportunity to serve the healthcare needs of this region and for the trust that every patient and family has placed in our care. As the world of healthcare continues to evolve, we remain excited and optimistic about the times ahead.
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