Spring 2017
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Dear Friends

Spanning the Continuum

Lois N. Skillings
President & CEO
The world of healthcare is evolving. While Mid Coast Hospital continues to deliver exceptional inpatient care, we continue to see tremendous growth in our outpatient and ambulatory services. As we have grown to meet the healthcare needs of our community, Mid Coast–Parkview Health has become a regional referral center.

Whether building a new therapy center, developing a robust program for end-of-life care, or offering evidence-based community health programming, we continuously push the envelope in a way that better supports the health of our patients. Many of these new developments and programs cross the continuum of our dynamic healthcare system, offering comprehensive care at all phases of life.

Our success with delivering high-quality, compassionate healthcare throughout Mid Coast–Parkview Health would not be possible without the dedicated physicians, nurses, managers, and staff. We are grateful for their expertise and dedication, as well as for the unwavering support from our volunteers, auxilians, and donors whose contributions are invaluable.

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