Spring 2016
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Dear Friends

Rising to the Challenge

Lois N. Skillings
President & CEO
We are fortunate to live in a community with so many individuals, businesses, and organizations committed to making our region a healthy place to live and work.

As we face modern challenges in healthcare, we are grateful for the support of strong partners working toward a common goal of improving the health of our community.

Facing the major public health concern of addiction and relentless growth in identified health needs, we rely on these partnerships to help us rise to the challenge and provide the highest quality compassionate healthcare to our community.

With a dedicated and committed staff, we are continuously looking for new ways to decrease barriers to health and increase opportunities for all.

Across the Mid Coast–Parkveiw Health system, we continue to find ways to serve our community and are grateful for the trust that we’ve been given to provide exceptional healthcare to this region.
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