Mid Coast–Parkview Health to Observe National Healthcare Decisions Day

On April 16, Mid Coast–Parkview Health will join other healthcare organizations around the country in observing National Healthcare Decisions Day. National Healthcare Decisions Day is an annual event with a goal of providing clear and consistent information regarding advance care planning to both the public and healthcare providers.

National Healthcare Decisions Day encourages people to engage in advance care planning, to ensure their personal wishes for their healthcare are respected. Advance care planning involves a person making decisions about the healthcare they would like to receive in the event they become unable to communicate.

From 9 a.m. until noon on April 16, the Mid Coast Center for Community Health & Wellness, 329 Maine Street, will be offering a free and public educational program on different topics related to palliative care.

Presentations will include: "What You Need to Know About Advance Directives” led by Carl DeMars, MD, Mid Coast Palliative Care, "How Can Hospice Help You?” led by Crystal Austin, RN, CHANS Home Health & Hospice, and "The Emergency Response Team: How They Can Help” led by William Goodrichs, EMT-I. Carolyn Bird, Register of Probate for Sagadahoc County, will also lead a presentation entitled "Grasping the Complexity of the Probate.”

National Healthcare Decisions Day will also include exhibitors from CHANS Home Health & Hospice, (including grief support groups and volunteers), Mid Coast Palliative Care, Advance Directives Advice, Mid Coast–Parkview Health Spiritual Wellness, and Mid Coast Senior Health.

"We are proud to offer our community a National Healthcare Decisions Day program, because we recognize the positive impact advance care planning can have on a patient’s life,” said Carl DeMars, MD, head of Mid Coast Palliative Care. "Understanding what end-of-life resources are available before they are needed allows for more informed decision-making and less stress at an already highly emotional time.”

For more information on National Health Care Decision Day, call (207) 373-6585 or visit www.midcoasthealth.com/wellness.