This Week Newsletter at Mid Coast–Parkview Health

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This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #478: Gumption, Grit & Grins; Safe Seasonal Ideas; Employee Flu Shot Clinics Continue; United Way's 2020 Campaign Kicks Off; MaineHealth Ignite Fund Applications Open; Expressions of Gratitude; Out of the Darkness Walk in Support of Suicide Prevention; Mid Coast Senior Health to Participate in Walk to End Alzheimer's Nurse Wellbeing Week; Upcoming Events; Independence Association Honors Mid Coast Hospital

Older Versions:

This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #477: Surrounded by Goodness; Fresh, New Perspectives; Honoring Daniel Atkins; Thank You to Our Frontline EVS Heroes; Employee Flu Shot Clinics; Celebrating Successful 27th Annual Golf Tournament; Welcome, Erica L. Jacovetty, MD!; Upcoming Events; Ongoing Gym Closures; Thanking Our EVS Team Members
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #476: Proud to Be Here; Mindfulness; Mid Coast–Parkview Health Publishes 2019 Community Benefit Report; Go the Distance in the Step-A-Thon Challenge; Simple Ways to Start Beating Burnout; Honoring Community Member Daniel Atkins; Welcome Jeremy Wright, DO; Upcoming Events; Praise for Dr. Bird & Mid Coast Hospital's Surgery Teams
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #475: The Truly Great Outdoors; Safe Summertime Fun at Historic Pemaquid; Laboratory Expands Online Check-In Capability; United States Census 2020 Deadline Approaching; Mary Wade Recognized for OT Achievement; Celebrating a Successful, Virtual Trek Across Maine; Summertime Fun in The Garden; Upcoming Events; Community Gratitude
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #474: Tricks of the Trade; Fireside Relaxation; Tricia Olson Receives DAISY Award; Amanda Merrill Promoted at CHANS Home Health & Hospice; Winner of Maritime Museum Passes; Upcoming Events; Dr. Bird Spreads Colorful Cheer; Georgetown Pottery Vases Available for Pick-Up; Gratitude for Physiatry Team
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #473: Simple Steps to Better Health; Healthful Blueberries; Healthy Weight for a Lifetime Virtual Open House; Win Passes to the Maine Maritime Museum; New England Favorites Coming to Cafe; Upcoming Events; ANA's Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Initiative; Gratitude for Testing Tent Team
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #472: Play It Safe; Honoring Excellence in Critical COVID-19 Care; COVID-19 PSA Video; The Family Restored Support Group; Pay Schedule and Time Keep Alignment; Mid Coast Senior Health Residents Enjoy Classic Car Parade; MaineHealth's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Mid Coast Moments; Upcoming Events; Sensitive Behavioral Health Care
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #471: Mask Out COVID-19; Gratitude for Staff: Ikebana Vases; Mid Coast Hospital Maternity Ranked Among Nation's Best; Warm, Sensitive Maternity Care; MaineHealth Merger: Pay Schedule and Time Keep Alignment; Maintaining MaineHealth's Commitment to Care Teams; Upcoming Events; Win Passes to the Maine Maritime Museum
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #470: Reconnection by Way of Disconnection; Safe Summertime Fun: Pack a Picnic; Excellence at the Mid Coast Hospital Laboratory; Pay Schedule Alignment; Connecting Patients with Support for Billing Questions; Upcoming Events; Updated Visitor Policy; Excellence in Senior Care
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #469: The Power of Community; Health Within Reach: Healthy Eating for Families During a Pandemic; Local Gratitude for Frontline Healthcare Workers; Mid Coast Hospital Walk-In Clinic Extends Hours; Updates to COVID-19 Earned Time Adjustments; Appreciation for Local Law Enforcement Colleagues; An Open Letter from the American Hospital, Medical & Nurses Associations; American Heart Association Certification Renewals; Upcoming Events; In the Very Best of Hands
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #468: Safe Summertime Fun; UV Safety Awareness Month; Kassidy Scarponi Honored; Welcome, Timothy Howe, MD; Domain Migration Begins August 3; MaineHealth Boosts Environment Through Solar Program; Voting Safely in Upcoming Primary Election; Upcoming Events; The Best Medicine
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #467: In Praise of Perspective; Mask Out COVID-19; The COVID-19 Testing Test & Call Center Team; Tips for Summertime Celebrations; Responding to COVID-19: An Update from Mid Coast–Parkview Health President Lois Skillings; Helpdesk Transition; Addiction Resource Center Recognized as Tobacco Independence Leader; Pharmacy Leadership Update; The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens; Upcoming Events; Safety & Peace of Mind
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #466: Rise to Shine; Mask Up, COVID-19 Down; June's DAISY and Spotlight Awards; Keeping Children Healthy & Well; Pay Schedule Alignment; CSA Recipe: Arugula, Apple & Radish Salad; Nurse Leads Donation of iPads; Upcoming Events; Outstanding, Efficient Care
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #465: Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Connected; Happy Father's Day!; COVID-19 Resources: The FrontLine WarmLine for Healthcare Workers; Mid Coast Senior Health Celebrates Graduating High School Seniors; Upcoming Events; Patient-Focused & Mission-Driven
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #464: Lessons from the Garden; Scenic Hikes; Health Risks from Browntail Moth Caterpillars; Maternity Unit Recognized as Safe Sleep Leader; Commitment to a Diverse, Welcoming Workplace; MaineHealth Celebrates PRIDE Month; Upcoming Events; Thank You for Caring For Our Community; In Praise of Exceptional Maternity Care
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #463: Goodness in Many Forms; Healthy Herbs & Spices; Information Services Help Desk Integration; Resources for Your Mental Health; Gratitude for Kind, Attentive Care; Case Management Team Shares Good Cheer; Celebrating a Joyous Milestone at the Medical Infusion Center (MIC); Wildflowers on the Mid Coast Hospital Trail; MaineHealth Offers Safe, Personalized Care; Upcoming Events; Mid Coast Hospital Gift Shop Summer Break
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #462: One for All, and All for One; Healthy at Home; Maine Hospital Volunteer Services Organization Celebrates 45th Anniversary; Lois Skillings Honored by University of Southern Maine; How to Speak Up in a Pandemic; Upcoming Events; Sharing Cheer and Kindness; A Child's Appreciation for Doctors
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #461: Spring's Sweet Songs; Celebrating National EMS Week; First on the Scene, First in Our Hearts; Pay Schedule Alignment; Topsham Residents Share Gratitude for Healthcare Workers; Blooms in the Healing Garden; Employee Screener Tool; Gratitude for Diagnostic Imaging Team; Upcoming Events; Expressions of Gratitude
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health #460: An Unwavering Commitment; Thankful for Our Good Neighbors; The Mid Coast Hospital Laboratory Team; Gratitude for Lab Professionals; Mid Coast–Parkview Health Awards Team DAISY Award; Welcome, Dr. Bowe!; Celebrating Mid Coast–Parkview Health's Nurses; Updates from the Mid Coast Hospital Cafe; Code Sunshine; Creating Community Art at Mid Coast Senior Health; United Way of Mid Coast Maine's COVID-19 Urgent Needs Fund; Mid Coast–Parkview Health Honored by the Highlands; Mid Coast Hospital Recognized as Real Hero by American Red Cross; Cloth Masks Available at the Parkview Campus; Congratulations to Bill McQuaid; Thank You, Vicki Koehler; Upcoming Events; To New Joys and Blessings
This Week at Mid Coast–Parkview Health Special Edition: Nurses Week; Loyal, Devoted & Committed; Thanking Mid Coast–Parkview Health's Nurses; Mid Coast Hospital's COVID-19 Care Team; Providing Critical COVID-19 Care; Connecting Patients with Loved Ones During the Pandemic; Advocating for Organ Donation; MaineHealth Cares About Our Nurses; Gratitude from West Bath School; Donated Snacks for Environmental Services Staff; Additional Items of Note; Continued Thanks for Community Donations; Surrounded by a Supportive Team; Key Points of Contact; American Nurses Association Video; Expressions of Gratitude for Nurses