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Personal Wellness Stories - Lisa B.

Lisa Burrows, RN
Surgical Services Nurse

In fall 2013, I learned that Mid Coast owns the large parcel of land along the south side of Medical Center Drive across from the hospital. An avid hiker, I felt this land would be a great place for a trail. Why not make use of the beautiful woods?

I felt their was a great opportunity to create a trail that could be available year round for staff who, like me, prefer to get activity in after work, right here at the hospital. It is easier to get my exercise in before I get home.

At first, I started walking through the woods, following the natural openings between the trees. I then began placing pink flags along my walk to mark the trail. My goal was to blaze an interesting trail and make it as long as possible. It soon became a passion.

I discovered a great spot to put a bench along the trail and with the help of others, we were able acquire one of the benches from the old Bath Memorial Hospital, which were originally given as a gift to Mid Coast–Parkview Health by the family of Maggie Gardner, RN.

I completed the trail in spring 2015, after placing blue markers along the path and officially naming it "The Retreat.” The Retreat trail can be accessed from the top of the employee parking lot on the hill, at Cranberry Lane, and across from 81 Medical Center Drive. This is a place that someone can be not only physically fit, but spiritually fit as well.

Special thanks to all for your support and assistance with getting the trail completed!

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