Personal Wellness Stories - Kim B.

Kim Beaulieu, RNC, IBCLC
Coordinator of Lactation Services

When it was snowy and dreary last winter and everyone was tired of snow, the staff in Maternity Care decided to do something fun.

Since many people received Fit Bits for Christmas, I talked with others and came up with a great idea to do a Pedometer Challenge. Anyone interested could sign up. Names were drawn from a hat to set up the teams. In the end, twelve teams of four people were recruited from Maternity Care and Mid Coast Medical Group–Women’s Health.

Each team got together and picked a team name…Estrogen Express, Wholey Walkamole, Motionally Challenged, Prince Charming, and the Wicked Step Sisters to name a few. Each team selected a captain to tally steps and miles. Excitement started to build. Suddenly, being healthy seemed a bit more fun and winter weather not so depressing.

There were weekly awards and recognitions including "Best Single Day/Individual,” "Best Weekly Team,” and "Caboose” (lowest team total). The only prizes given were the all-important bragging rights. The final awards were: "Gold Medal Ultimate Supreme 1st Place”, "Silver 2nd Place,” "Bronze 3rd Place” and "Caboose.” Merit awards included "Overcame the Most Challenges,” "Most Consistent,” "Biggest Individual Improvement,” "Person Least Likely to Sit Down,” and "Most Likely to Continue.”

By the end of one month, all teams combined had walked a total of 13,528,957 steps… 5,637 miles! The program boosted morale and motivated people to be more active. Challenge members did laps inside their homes, around the hospital during meal breaks, and around the Maternity Care unit. Team members were even texting in step totals while on vacation. Most of all there were lots of laughs and it was a great way for staff to get to know each other better in a fun way.

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