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Personal Wellness Stories - Karen L.

Learning to Build a Healthier Life
Karen Ludwig, FNP-C
Mid Coast Medical Group Primary Care Provider

As a primary care provider, I spend my days speaking with patients about how to improve their health. In the past, I have struggled with weight. I joined the Healthy Weight for a Lifetime program because my sugars were edging up and I did not want to develop diabetes. I had a good foundation of daily exercise already in place, but needed to make changes in how I ate.

I tried to lose weight many times before, but it wasn’t until I went through the Healthy Weight for a Lifetime program that I was able to keep it off. The idea of changing behaviors to create a healthier lifestyle was different than my previous attempts to lose weight.

I attribute my success to the program’s comprehensive approach that includes a dietitian, behavioral therapist, and exercise specialist, each offering a different perspective to help me achieve my goals. The program provided me with the supported I needed to make long term changes in how I eat.

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