Focus Areas

Quitting Tobacco
Quitting tobacco is hard, but it’s not impossible. Especially with the help and support of others.

Employee Benefits

Tobacco Cessation Counseling
One-on-one support from a tobacco cessation specialist.
Contact Stacy Schmidt at 373-6595.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Free nicotine patches & information on discounted nicotine gum
and lozenges.
Contact Vicki Koehler at 373-6770.

Smoking cessation medication
Covered at 100% by MCH employee health plan.
Contact Wanda Bailey at 373-6743.

"Just Make it Through the Day” program
A plan to help you make it through the day in a tobacco-free workplace.
Contact Stacy Schmidt at 373-6595.

Other Links and Resources

The Maine Tobacco HelpLine: 1-800-207-1234.
The QuitLink
Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine
Become an Ex